Sons of Blues 17-01-2019

My Blues / MY BLUES chez Autoprod
LAURENCE JONES : The Price I pay / TAKE ME HIGH chez RUF Records
BOBBY G : Whole Lotta Money - Can't stop Loving you / PH D IN THE BLUES chez Third Street Cigar Records
JIMMY ROGERS : That's All Right / BEST OF JIMMY ROGERS chez Universal Music Division Decca Records
DELGRES : Respecté Nous / MO JODI chez Jazz Village
KING KONG BLUES : Ma Part d'Ombre
JOLIES LETTERS : Worried Blues / NEW COUNTRY chez Cosmosounds
ALI HANDAL : You Get What you Settle for / THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID chez Red Parlors Records
DELTA MOON : Little Pink Pistol / BABYLON IS FALLING chez Landside Records
KENNY BLUES BOSS WAYNE : That's Girl Needs Help / INSPIRED BY THE BLUES chez Stong Plain Recording
BOZ SCAGGS : Little Miss Night and Day / OUT OF THE BLUES chez Concord Records
BRIAN SETZER : Sixty Years / NITRO BURNIN' FUNNY DADDY chez Surfdog Records