Sons of Blues 16-05-2019

THE TREVOR B. POWER BAND : I wrote it down / EVERYDAY ANGEL chez Autoprod
JENNAH BELL : Can't be too careful / ANCHORS & ELEPHANTS chez Autoprod
BOB CORRITORE & FRIENDS : Trying to make a living - Shake your hips / DO THE HIP SHAKE BABY chez SWMAF Vizztone
LOUIS MYERS : Heart attack / TELL MY STORY MOVIN' chez Earwing music company
VIN MOTT : Honey / ROGUE HUNTER chez Autoprod
DICK RIVERS : Roule pas sur le rivers / AUTHENDICK chez RCA records
KELLY FINNIGAN : I don't wanna wait / THE TALES PEOPLE TELL chez Colemine records
CISCO HERZHAFT : I'm a blues vet / SON OF A WATCHMAKER chez Blues n' trad
SPOONFUL : My baby don't know / WOMAN & BLUES chez Spoon prod
LONNIE BROOKS : Mother nature / TURN ON THE NIGHT chez Alligator records
GUY DAVIS : Kokomo kidd / KOKOMO KIDD chez Dixiefrog
ELLIS MANO BAND : Whiskey / HERE AND NOW chez GrooveNext